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What is Physie?

A fusion of dance and sport, 'physie' is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase flexibility, strength and cardio fitness.
Physie combines the techniques of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and pilates. 

The Runcorn Park club is part of the country's most prominent physie association, BjP Physical Culture. 

Throughout its 130 years, BjP Physie has proudly inspired thousands of Australians to exercise both body and mind through this remarkable sport. And the most unique part of physie is that it can be enjoyed by all ages: from 3 to 93 and beyond, it really is a sport for life! 

The physie year includes a series of friendly competitions for both teams and individuals. The competitions provide an opportunity for the girls to increase their self-confidence, and foster team spirit and sportsmanship. 

There is an aura of confidence to physie girls of all ages. Taught to stand tall, with strength and pride, they are team players committed to achieving goals. While physie takes focus and determination, the girls are able to enjoy movement surrounded by enthusiastic teammates and encouraging teachers. Runcorn Park student Taalia (9yrs) has experienced this feeling of accomplishment from practicing her physie: "I love physie because it inspires me to dance, and when I try my hardest I feel like a superstar.". 

BjP Physie girls learn the value of working hard, and are able to apply that to other aspects of their lives outside of physie, including their school work. 

And that's what BjP Physie is all about: empowering girls for life!

Our Story

Founded in 2010, the Runcorn Park Physical Culture Club has established itself as one of the most successful clubs in Australia. 

Committed to maintaining a supportive learning environment, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Runcorn Park Physie caters for girls and ladies of all abilities - from beginners through to an advanced standard. 

The Runcorn Park club has produced a multitude of State and National placegetters, including 16x Individual Australian Champions! The club is so successful because its members just love what they do. As Grace (9yrs) says: "I love to laugh with my physie friends. We work hard but we laugh hard too. Because of Miss Steph and everyone at Runcorn Park, I feel like I've found something that I absolutely love!". 

Runcorn Park Physical Culture Club is a community-based not-for-profit club, aiming to keep dance within the financial reach of many local families. 

As a club (rather than a dance 'school'), we rely on the support of our generous unpaid volunteers. 

Meet The Team

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