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Here's what some of our members have to say:

I feel like I'm valued at Runcorn Park because everyone at the club makes sure everyone is included. I always feel like I'm able to share my ideas with my classmates and teachers, no matter what it's about! 

I would recommend physie to friends as it's a great sport to be involved in, and teaches you a variety of lessons. I'd specifically recommend Runcorn Park as everyone is so welcoming: it's an amazingly positive environment, making it easy for everyone to learn and get involved! 

Chloe, 15 Years

Physie for me has always been an outlet: it's a place I can go to let loose and have fun with friends after a long day. I love all the laughs that are shared between all ages, creating so many memories. 

Physie has taught me so many life skills: teamwork, confidence, patience, and inspires me to get out of my comfort zone. 

Runcorn Park has an amazing support network! Throughout the year, all the girls and ladies support and encourage each other to be their absolute best. I'm so proud to be part of an amazing yellow family.

Jade, Seniors

My favourite thing about physie is seeing all my friends and teachers. Physie has taught me to never give up: it's helped me to stay calm and positive even when things get tough. 

I love that the teachers value everyone the same, and I look forward to each class knowing that I'll learn something new that could help me at competitions.

I would recommend Runcorn Park because the teachers are kind, respectful, and entertaining. 

Jessica, 9 Years

I would absolutely recommend Runcorn Park to friends. It's so rare to have this many females in a club that are so supportive of each other and their accomplishments. 

Maree, Intermediate Ladies

My favourite thing about coming to physie is seeing my physie friends and switching my mind off from all the stresses in my life, and focusing solely on dancing and having fun while getting a great workout. 

The teachers at Runcorn Park are incredible. We are always greeted with a smile and it's such a positive place to be. Everyone becomes like family, and everyone is important, and that's super special to me. 

I am supported from the very first day through to the last day. The teachers are always trying to help and the lovely ladies behind the scenes offer support with every aspect of the physie year... from help choosing outfits, to help with hair, and a big hug before hitting the stage... I always feel valued at Runcorn Park. 

I recommend Runcorn Park to every person I speak to. The attention to detail to make you the best dancer you can be, while being around lovely supportive women, makes Runcorn Park the place to be! 

Katie, Intermediate Ladies

Physie has taught me to be confident in pursuing my dreams. I always look forward to being able to express myself through dance without judgement. 

RP Student, 13 Years

There is actually no place I'd rather be. When I come to physie I feel at home. It makes my yellow heart so happy.

RP Student, 10 Years

I love every day that physie is on. If it's a physie day... it's the best day of the week!

RP Student, 11 Years

Physie has taught Charlotte to be a good sport and support her physie friends, no matter the outcome. She has learnt that hard work and dedication can shape her physie journey. Physie has contributed to Charlotte's confidence and resilience as a young girl. 

Gabby, Parent of Charlotte (5 Years)

I have been at Runcorn Park Physie for 11 years and it's one of my favourite places to come each week. I look forward to seeing all the welcoming members at Runcorn Park that have become a second family for me. I love being able to better my dancing with advice from the wonderful teachers, as well as spending time with my friends. I look forward to all the competitions where I'm able to spend a day with my fellow club members and friends in my age group. I enjoy dancing proudly on the competition floor. 

Physie has taught me how to be more persistent and goal orientated. It has also taught me how to try hard, then be proud and happy with the result that follows. 

Runcorn Park is a positive environment full of smiles. 

Grace,15 Years

My favourite thing about coming to physie is the feeling of improvement and making friends along the way. Despite this year being my first year at physie, I didn't feel like the 'odd' one out; rather I felt like I was welcomed and loved being a part of this community. 

I'd certainly recommend physie to friends: the atmosphere at Runcorn Park is just so uplifting, and I believe others should experience this sort of enjoyment! 

RP Student in her first year of physie, 17 Years

My favourite thing about coming to physie is dancing. The teachers and helpers are very kind. Physie has helped my confidence, and I like learning new things. Physie is very fun, exciting, and brings lots of happiness to me. 

Olivia, 8 Years

I started out getting back into physie to bond with my daughter and start moving again... I didn't expect for both of us to make some wonderful friends who support us and build our confidence. The positivity, kindness, and generosity of the club is amazing. I am truly grateful that my daughter and I are a part of it. 

Dannielle, Novice Lady & Physie Mum

Physie at Runcorn Park during my final year of high school has been the best thing I could have done for both my physical and mental health. Miss Steph & Laura always provide a safe and empowering space where I could work on my fitness, and create special memories with my classmates. I look forward to doing just that again next year!

Amber, Seniors

Physie has taught me posture, to point my toes, to keep my arms straight, and to bring a smile on the floor... but most of all, it's taught me confidence and sportsmanship, qualities that I'm am glad to have. 

As a child I was generally pretty shy, but over time I became more confident, and that's all thanks to physie. 

Runcorn Park is like a second family for me. Everyone is so supportive and it's an absolute joy to go to class each week. I've been at the club for 12 years and I'm about to start my 13th year, so I can definitely say that it's a great club. It's become a huge part of my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

Jemma, 15 Years

Physie has taught me to be kind to myself, to have patience, to work hard, and to enjoy the things that don't necessarily come easily. I always look forward to seeing my friends and being able to work on my physie. It also gives me a mental break from my schoolwork. 

Runcorn Park is special in its own unique way. It is a high achieving club but has a no pressure environment that encourages everyone to do their best and dance their own style. The teachers are attentive to every student and have a great balance between giving feedback and saying what is going well! We celebrate the highs with each other, and support each other if things don't go to plan. 

RP Student, 14 Years

Physie has taught us perseverance, commitment, resilience, and to work hard for our goals. It has given us the confidence to give anything a go... to try new things and to believe in ourselves. 

The way the teachers go above and beyond with the little extras make us feel valued. 

RP Family

My favourite thing about coming to physie is that I get to see all of my supportive friends, and pursue my love of dance and music. Each lesson I find new ways to strengthen, lengthen, and support my body in many ways. 

Physie has taught me that nothing is impossible: a few years ago, I never would have dreamed that my balances would be as high as they are. Young me would not have known the flexibility and results we could achieve if we worked hard and dreamt big. Physie has taught me to listen to both my body and the music. I am now more body positive and proud of what I can do. 

Physie has taught me confidence: I used to be shy, and I still am, but through physie, performing is easier and I have a greater self worth because of it. 

I love the bonding that occurs within the girls in our house, from my little sister in the Preschoolers, to my mum in the Ladies, and my sisters in between. We have all found a home and an activity that we all enjoy and love. 

Harriet, 14 Years

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